Skin Care Guide

Read the expert's guide to caring for the
skin effects of cancer and its treatment

More and more people are living with and surviving cancer than ever before. However, your cancer treatment may cause unexpected side effects to the skin, hair, and nails. How can you navigate these changes without affecting your treatment, your appearance, or even your sense of who you are?

Written by Dr. Mario Lacouture, an expert in the dermatologic side effects of anti-cancer medications, this book offers clear information and practical suggestions for preventing, treating, and living through these skin, hair, and nail changes.

Take control of your life and health by knowing what to expect

  • Prepare for the rash, itching, or dry skin that may come with your cancer treatment

  • Care for your fingernails, and choose products that will contribute to their health

  • Understand your risk for hair loss, and arm yourself with the tools you need to cope

  • Learn how to select and use the moisturizer and cosmetics that are right for you

  • Look better and feel better—with specific information for survivors!

  • And much more…see inside for details